Transmission Line Arrester

Smart Solution for Stable Power Supply.

Transmission Line Arrester

Metal-oxide surge arresters with external series gaps improve the reliability of transmission systems, and help eliminate not only lightning damages of transmission line equipment but also slight power interruptions after trip-outs caused by lightning. It meets the demands of our modern sophisticated society.

The integrated external series gap eliminates the need of countermeasures against switching overvoltage or the deterioration of ZnO disks, meaning transmission line arresters can be made compact and lightweight and significantly easing the workload of the installation and/or maintenance of the arresters.

  • • Compactness and Lightweight Design
  • • Extremely High Reliability (Long Life Performance)
  • • Excellent Protective Characteristics
  • • Large Discharging Capability
  • • Easy Installation

Transmission Line Arrester with External Series Gap

Recently, there has been increased demand for a stable and highly reliable power supply. Lightning striking power transmission lines causes very slight power interruptions, despite the fact the transmission line can be successfully recharged. These interruptions may seriously damage IT equipment, which is unacceptable. Incorporating a design with lightning protection is crucial for ensuring a stable power supply.
The transmission line arrester is the optimal method of lightning protection. Toshiba can offer a much smarter lightning protection solution; namely a transmission line arrester with an external series gap, otherwise known as an Externally Gapped Line Arrester (EGLA).
EGLAs can help eliminate not only lightning damages of transmission line equipment but also slight power interruptions after trip-outs.
EGLAs can protect insulator assemblies from flashovers caused by lightning. The application of EGLA will definitely improve transmission system reliability.

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