Voltage and frequency protection and control


The GRE130 is a fully numerical multi-function voltage protection device designed for various applications in MV networks, drawing on proven technologies developed over more than 100 years, and providing a comprehensive range of protection and control functions. This compact and cost-effective device can be applied not only as feeder protection but also as a load shedding function with under-frequency and rate of change of frequency relays, and back-up protections for HV feeder, transformer and machines.

  • • Voltage and frequency protection
  • • Applicable to 1-phase input(single phase-to-phase voltage and single phase-to-neutral voltage), 2-phase input(two phase-to-phase voltage and two phase-to-phase voltage with zero phase voltage)and 3-phase input(three phase-to-phase voltage, three phase-to-neutral voltage and three phase-to-neutral voltage with zero phase voltage)
  • • Feeder manager device with CB control function, 43R/L switch and comprehensive supporting functions
  • • Compact and cost-effective design
  • • Elementary, environmentally-friendly, easy to use and enhanced product concepts

GRE130 has three models which differ depending on the application and each model has different types according to the number of binary inputs and outputs fitted, see Table 1.

Table 1 - GRE130 Models

Model Configuration
GRE130-410 2 x Bls and 4 x BOs
GRE130-411 6 x Bls and 4 x BOs
GRE130-412 6 x Bls and 8 x BOs

All models include multiple, high accuracy, phase under/overvoltage protection with inverse time and definite time delay functions. Voltage inputs can be configured for phase to phase or phase to neutral operation. Zero sequence overvoltage (neutral voltage displacement) protection is available for detection of earth faults in high impedance earthed or isolated systems. For protection against operation on unbalanced supply voltages, negative phase sequence overvoltage protection is also available. GRE130 can be applied for underfrequency, overfrequency protection and frequency rate-of-change protection for frequency decay rate (-df/dt) and frequency rise rate (+df/dt).

GRE130 provides continuous monitoring of internal circuits and of software. A user-friendly HMI is provided through a backlit LCD, programmable LEDs, keypad and menu-based operating system. PC access is provided for local connection via a front-mounted USB port. The communication system allows the user to read and modify the relay settings, and to access data gathered by the relayĆ¢s metering and recording functions.Data available either via the relay HMI or communications ports includes the following functions.

  • Metering
  • Fault recording
  • Event recording
  • Disturbance recording (available via communications ports)

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