G.I.S. Surge Arrester

The best solution in downsizing the GIS substation.

G.I.S. Surge Arrester

Since surge arresters were manufactured in the early 1900's, TOSHIBA has endeavored to improve its surge arrester technologies and quality control system, and achieved positive results in manufacturing, employing the world’s beating techniques.

With these technologies and years of experience, TOSHIBA started the manufacturing GIS type arresters in the mid-1960s as a global pioneer. “Compact Design”, “Layout Flexibility” and “High Reliability” have been always required to GIS type arresters to suit for the GIS set-up in a limited space.

To meet these requirements, TOSHIBA has focused on refining the electric field analysis technology and developing the voltage grading of ZnO elements, thus improving the performance of our GIS arresters.

  • • Excellent Protective Characteristics
  • • Compactness and Lightweight Design
    (Application of High Gradient Element)
  • • Extremely High Reliability (Long Life Performance)
    (Application of Simple Structure)
  • • Compliance with Major International Standards
    (IEC60099-4, IEEE Std C62.11)

Excellent Protective Performance and High Reliability

TOSHIBA's metal oxide surge arresters consist of ultra high gradient ZnO elements, which have high protection level, high energy absorption capability, and superior lifetime characteristics.
TOSHIBA is the only one company in the world that has successfully developed ultra high gradient ZnO elements and applied them to surge arresters.

World’s Most Compact Design

TOSHIBA’s surge arresters boast the world’s most compact design thanks to the adoption of ultra high gradient ZnO elements, optimized design using various analysis tools and our years of experience.
Minimized installation space and reduced environmental impact have thus been achieved.

Environmental Friendliness

Minimized manufacturing materials, transportation impact, and SF6 gas quantity to be filled in surge arresters contribute to the preservation of nature.

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